Bodil Bitze Faber
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.: My field of work includes

Fashion and textile design, photography, painting, drawing, collage, graphics, sculpture and jewelery.

.: Education

Fashion designer fra TECO Center, Herning, Denmark, 1975.

Diplomas from the following institutions:

  • Aarhus School of Architecture - Form and Installation
  • Aarhus Academy of Art - Drawing, Painting and Ceramics
  • VUC Svendborg - Philosophy and Visual Arts
  • Teaching College Skaarup - Visual Arts and Psycology

.: Independant Fashion Designer

From 1975 to 1998 associated with 10 companies, amongst others:

Power Konfection, Green Cotton, Encore, Marco Polo, Belika and Toubro.

My duties entailed designing fashion collections which were then shown at fashion fairs and exhibitions in Scandinavia, Germany, UK, USA and France.

.: Textile Design from 1993-

I have designed and manufactured collections, amongst others Haute couture. I have also designed silk collections for Murakka, India, exhibited and sold in: Paris, France Barcelona, Spain, Lebanon, Middle East, USA, Australia, New Zealand I also produced the necessary Photo portfolios, Picture Collages and Shows.

.: India

From 1995 I was associated with DANIDA supervising development projects with focus on information, education and communication. In the same period I have worked with textile development and photo documentation in the poor areas of West Bengali, India.

.: Painting and Photography

The last 2 – 3 years I have concentrated on Painting and Photography. This work has been exhibited at: Haugaard, Faaborg, DK Gallery Storm, Troense DK College Of Education, Skaarup, DK Vesterskerninge Kunstsammenslutning, DK Galleri Bodil Bitze Faber, Taasinge, DK Galleri Nejsum, Holbaek, DK Health Clinic Absalon, Copenhagen DK Holmefjord Rockefour, France


Bodil Bitze Faber
(f. 1952)

Galleri og værksted:
Horsevænget 17
5700 Svendborg


Mobile: (+45) 61 10 79 78
Phone: (+45) 62 22 58 42


Galleri og værksted
Horsevænget 17, Tåsinge
5700 Svendborg

Email: bitze[@]
Mobil: (+45) 61 10 79 78
Telefon: (+45) 62 22 58 42